My Collage

thinking my life as a big awesome collage in the making
although I cannot get a whole final picture
not yet
I am simply too small
too weak
have no wings to fly to see it from above

the master plan is in Master’s hand
while hypnotized by the smell of freshly-cut grass I adore
there are sometimes confusing paths
when seeing beautiful magnificent clouds formation
there comes another uneasy thoughts

I dare not to ask
but with all my weariness
run to the Master
for He is the Greatest of all
knowing He is always there
giving me healing, courage, dignity
and abundant love to love life again
as if it were my very beginning

it is an honor to be a part of this precious project
everyone can only have once

to play a major role
to be alive
and to feel alive
to engage in dynamic conversations
grasp the very heart of the matters

every little step in the collage making
leads me to the Greatest
I do my part
still doing
not knowing the exact deadline
just trying to make the most of my chance

until I hear He says;
‘time’s up! you can take a good rest now
come to Me and see the collage for yourself
stunning, isn’t it?’
perhaps I cannot stop smiling
knowing I will have given my all
for my Master

(I hope)

written on May, 22 2012


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